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Sewing machine used in PDC classes

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We provide educational services including accredited courses, non-accredited training and workshops.

Professional Development Centre was first founded in 2002 in Singapore and Melbourne in 2008. Our services are provided in the Bayside suburbs of Melbourne and beyond, we are not limited to a specific area because we believe in being accessible and flexible to accommodate our clients and their needs.

PDC staff are highly qualified with experience gained from teaching in Asia, Europe and Australia therefore are diverse in their teaching methods and are able to teach inclusively. Having qualifications in special education, our teachers are able to support individuals with specific needs. In addition, PDC teaching staff have experience teaching in secondary and tertiary levels and strive to provide quality teaching to their clients.

PDC staff are lovers of sewing and have created a sewing studio with a friendly and professional approach to sewing. We provide sewers that are either wanting to learn more about garment construction or new to sewing and who are looking for a challenge within an environment that is well equipped, peaceful and very exciting. Our new programs for 2018 offer our clients many options to learn about the art of the fashion and garment industry with well qualified tutors that have years of experience in the garment industry with backgrounds such as, dressmakers, designers and patternmakers.

Our classes are small and manageable where we supply all sewing machines including domestic and industrial machines as well as overlockers. Other equipment include ergonomic cutting tables, sewing tables and chairs with the aim of preventing back discomforts.

Clients are our first priority and we aim to please and provide a service where we teach and provide good business practice.

General Sewing Classes 2018

  • Bring your own garment to sew
  • Unfinished Items (UFI) – need some help finishing?
  • Sewing machines – how to use your machine and attachments
  • Overlockers – how to thread and use the attachments
  • Speciality machines
  • Embroidery classes hand or machine classes for beginners
  • Children’s general sewing classes from 8 years old
attending a Professional Development Centre class


Sewing Machine and Overlocker Servicing and Repairs

Atelier Melbourne specialise in sewing machine repairs and servicing. We also repair and service overlockers and industrial sewing machines.

Please send us an email, vor isit our store at 425 Bay Street Brighton

Alterations and Up-cycling

Bring your garment in for a make over or alterations to make it  fit. Our specialists in alterations are all proficient and a master at their trade..

General machine sewing

Bring your own sewing tasks and learn as you go.

Hand embroidery

Come and practice your hand embroidery skills and learn new tips and techniques to wow your friends and family.

Workshop 1. Using a Sewing Machine

  • Set up workbench
  • Set up, clean, check, identify instances of poor machine performance.

Workshop 2. Over lockers

  • Setting up the over-locker
  • Needles
  • Accessories
  • Various stitching

Workshop 3. Types of machines and attachments

  • Industrial Machines
  • Plain lockstitch sewing machine
  • Three, four or five thread over-locker
  • Zigzag sewing machine
  • Blind hemming machines
  • Buttonholers
  • Pocket and collaring machines
  • Binders
  • Quality checking your work

Workshop 4. Fabrics, fibres and sewing techniques

  • Manipulation to deal with fabric and material variations to ensure correct shaping
  • Sewing techniques to address fabric variations as well as awkward positioning, feeding and handling.
  • Lycra sportswear techniques

Fabric characteristics and performing complex sewing operations for advanced fabric manipulation.

  • Woven and knitted fabrics such as denim, single knits, tricot gabardine
  • Handling frequent variations in fabrics

Workshop 5. Sewing Garment Components

  • Sleeves
  • Waistbands (straight or shaped)
  • Collars
  • Cuffs
  • Plackets
  • Facings (neck and armhole)
  • Binds
  • Zips (dress, skirt, trouser and invisible)
  • Buttons and buttonholes
  • Pockets (cut away, patch and in seam)

Workshop 6. Embroidery for beginners – hand sewing. Learn basic embroidery stitches.

  • All kinds of stitches
  • French knots
  • Couching
  • Beading
  • Attaching strings of beads and
  • Circle of beads.

Extended classes and workshops

  • Pattern making – beginners and advanced
  • Millinery
  • Bra and lingerie
  • Fitting – for couture.


Please contact us for further course information, or to register for courses

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